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Design Your Future
Creating a Fulfilling Work and Career Experience

The program is aimed at employees, managers, doctoral students, postdocs, and university students from various fields who want fulfillment and satisfaction in their careers and want to acquire the necessary tools to achieve this goal. 

The goal: to understand what the formula and philosophy is for sustainable job satisfaction and fulfillment, as well as to get to know and apply a reliable orientation model in career decisions. 

Form: Interactive, practical and reflective seminars and semester courses with group, pair and individual exercises, plenary discussions, individual preparatory work, theoretical inputs on the respective topics from psychology, technical exercises from artistic practice.


How can highly sensitive people deal with their trait at work?

How can they integrate and take this characteristic into account in their choice of profession and career in order to achieve long-term satisfaction, fulfilment and success? These questions will be explored in this workshop.

Form of the workshops and courses: Interactive, practical and reflective seminars with group, pair and individual exercises, plenary discussions, individual preparatory work, theoretical inputs on the respective topics from psychology, technique exercises from artistic practice.

Sensitive Power - A successful career and work
as a highly sensitive person 

Woman Portrait

Harnessing Feminine Energy for Impact

Explore the type of feminity that resonates with you, overcome barriers in your feminine energy, and integrate these traits into your leadership style. This empowers you to embrace your femininity and lead authentically. If you aspire to embody this aspect of your potential, this workshop is for you.

With my self-developed method “d-tense” you can increase your creativity through short exercise sessions throughout your everyday life. In the morning, at lunchtime, for example. Employees who want to take part can start the day with a 50-minute group session and later increase their concentration and energy. I also offer d-tense in the form of individual sessions, multi-day workshops and semester courses.

Body research. 

The first step to physical well-being is getting to know your own body. This course will help you improve your body awareness skills and incorporate healthy habits. You will discover new possibilities for expression.

The Best Flow.

By allowing the connection between body and mind, you optimize your energy flow. This paves the way for the seamless state of flow at work; and this enables you to better overcome challenges.


Now comes the fun part - you actually create new pathways within yourself. You'll be newly inspired when you return to your desk.

De tense
Unfold Creativity and Flow via Movement

Stress Relief
Getting to the root causes for a lasting effect

Are the demands of your professional life or workplace causing stress overload?

My stress reduction programme is tailored to your challenges. It is a transformative journey with a lasting impact.

Through this process, you will be able to achieve better overall wellbeing at work, increase your productivity, cultivate a positive mindset and create sustainable work-life harmony.

Awareness and analysis 

Sometimes people think that stress only comes from the workload. But the causes can have different sources. The aim is to identify these. This is done within the group.


Stress management
The specific problems that have been identified are addressed. 

This is complemented by my holistic approach to stress management, which includes mindfulness, time management and resilience-building techniques. The aim is to manage stress without compromising productivity.

You will learn

practical tools that can be integrated into your daily routine. 


Personalised coaching

I will accompany you in personalised sessions to address your individual challenges.

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