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Lena Finck-Stoltenberg

The “Design Your Future” workshop was incredibly valuable for me. I started the course disoriented and overwhelmed with myself and my life and left at the end of the day fulfilled and full of relief and inspiration. I gained so much clarity through the exercises that I now know much more confidently what feels right for me and which path I want to take. Even if it sounds crazy - I feel like a child again - very light, alive and full of love for life! Thank you Afi Sika for managing to give us access to ourselves again in just one day! I never thought it would be possible in one day, but instead of being overwhelmed, I now feel excited about my future! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Andreas Graf, landscape architect

In the one-hour coaching conversation, Ms. Afi Sika Kuzeawu guided me in friendly, targeted questions about the topics that are really bothering me at the moment. As the conversation progressed, she was able to focus attention on one of these topics. Thanks to her empathy and targeted questions, the coaching enabled me to formulate and record goals, solutions and approaches to a specific problem myself. 

Kurt Reinhard, Social Entrepreneur

I was impressed by how quickly Afi Sika was able to understand the complexity of my question. Her precise questions and her creative thinking opened up new perspectives within a short time. Her ability to combine artistic and economic approaches was particularly helpful.


Some of my customers

Universities, technical colleges, institutes

- ETH Zurich

- EPFL Lausanne

- Bern University of the Arts HKB

- Christian Albrechts University in Kiel

- Philipps University of Marburg

- Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology (IKMB) Kiel


- Generali Insurance

-Johnson & Johnson

- Sutter & Sutter Projects

- etd enterprises territories and development

- Ax Durable Consulting & Project pilotage

- Durabiliterre

Other organizations

- Directorate of Education of the Canton of Bern

- Compass Biel

Career programs in academia and research

- FIX THE LEAKY PIPELINE! Career Building Program for Women in Science

- REGARD (Le program d'ateliers pour la relève féminine) Fribourg

- miTarget Symposium

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