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Dinosaur arms

 »It was time to make up her bed freshly. The new bedlinen she used were white, ornamented with beaufitul poppy flowers. She had grabbed them deep from the bottom of the basket that contained all her bed linen, and, as she hadn’t used those for almost 8 months now, they smelled a bit stale. But that was fine for her, because they were clean. She laid down to sleep and enjoyed he freshly made up bed on her skin. She soon fell asleep.

Then, as she was already dreaming, something started disturbing her. In the dark bedroom, she felt something like enormous arms crushing her body from all sides and preventing her to move. It felt like dinosaur arms oppressing her. It was a very frightening tangible presence. Since she could not see anything, she assumed that she was being confronted with bad spirits. Her village of origin was a high place for the practice of voodoo cult. Confidently raising in faith, she shouted at the invisible arms to leave her alone. But that did not have any effect. As the oppression continued, she raised her voice louder to repeat her words again, this time more distinctively. Her efforts remained fruitless. She then gathered her strength and commanded the assumed bad spirit in her most authoritative voice to disappear immediately. Unfortunately, this also remained without impact.

She took a deep breath and paused a moment. This is what she did whenever she looked for inner guidance. Then, all of a sudden, in an ultimate attempt, she threw her blankets and her pillow out of the bed. This last attempt saved her. The invisible dinosaur left her for good.

It was only a few minutes later that she realised what had happened to her, and understood why she had been guided to act that way.« 

Oh my God. It was stored old energy. While this lady, with her fine sense of smell, inhaled that stale odour of the bedlinen, this transformed into a tangible experience - which in turn demonstrated the oppressing and negative nature of stored old energy. This incredible story compels my attention to this: everything we possesss needs to be used regularly. It needs to be in movement, in order to make the energy flow.

We might give things away to somebody else who would use them more. Otherwise, chances are, figuratively speaking, that we are compelling ourselves to stay in place in a non-fulfilling way.

How I once dealed with stored old energy can be read in my blog post « get rid of the clutter ».

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