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Delight of Jesus

I like the life approach of Jesus of Nazareth, and I completely subscribe to his teachings. To date, I haven‘t heard from any other person having a more convincing, elevating way of thinking, talking and acting like this man. His mindset is the most powerful I have ever heard of. An unspeakable number of people have been inspired by Jesus, sometimes by naming him sometimes not. You see how great someone is by his works. Not by where he socially comes from, or by his clothes.

Jesus has demonstrated the mindset of our divine identity. All humans are divine beings, this is our common origin, and this is what matters. When you understand this, you do not define yourself by the amount of money you have on your bank account, or by the social status you have reached or many other material things. As a result, you do not discriminate people by their social origin, their money, their appearance or their skin colour. You are full of respect and you are equally open.

I highly recommend the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Forget about what you have been irritated about in church. Sometimes you have to raise the head a bit and look at the bigger picture, and make your analysis of the hidden truths behind the religious words and sentences. Take here for example what could be hidden behind the word „Obedience“.

Since you are a divine being, you will know when something is true. It will resonate in you. Especially if you practice listening to your inner voice. Check out Jesus‘ teachings for example in the book of John in the Bible, and see what resonates in you.

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