Change - really?

What does it take to succeed in bringing change into our lives?

There are levels in wanting change.

Usually, it starts with feeling sorry or sad for ourselves. Eventually that sadness leads us to seeking for help and solutions. Sometimes, soon after, we already abandon the process by telling ourselves that, after all, our situation is not so bad, or by finding excuses about why some things didn’t work out, or even by blaming others.

But nothing can be changed until we impose, enforce, compel our determination to take action to change the situation, no matter what. Acting towards what we deeply want for our lives also means that we will sometimes fail to act, but the important thing is to stand up again and continuing to take action. That is, keep the trend going up positively in spite of the oscillations. This is the least that is needed to really bring change.

Now comes on top of it the final finish. If you already are or have been in such a process, you might sometimes have periods of serious doubt, of discouraging emotions or of negative feelings.

However, now that the weight of difficulties might make you want to give up, here is the card to play, that one card in the game that for sure makes you a winner.

The card is: be ferocious. Rooooaaarrrr like a lion, from the deepest worlds inside you, from the fundaments of your belly, from the farthest, darkest places of your being.

In order to stand firm and succeed through the process, there is a necessity to draw the assurance and the strength from somewhere. That place is our inner voice. To cultivate your awareness of your inner voice, read my post on how to access your inner voice in the morning. Cultivating the inner voice then develops into a guidance that gives us an orientation we can rely on.

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