Ask, ask, ask (which happens to be the initials of my name)

In today's post I would like to draw our attention to the importance of our needs being met. It is important because this is what makes it possible for us to unfold, to blossom, to do best what we are meant to do, and to fulfil our purpose.

So let's not keep sentences in our head like "But I might appear penetrating". Thank them, of course; these phrases just want to protect us. Then go on asking.

If the first person rejects your demand, breathe well and go on to the next person. Because there IS ALWAYS SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO SUPPORT YOU. The fact that you are born and you are walking on this planet guarantees that you will always have someone's back. even if it's the 100th person you have asked...You know, in statistics, it is recommended to have a sample size that is at least of 100 people. When you draw your sample in a way that is is representative, you will be able to depict all the relevant types of people who might help you. So don't give up before 100 haha :) No I'm serious.

The other thing is, while we are afraid to appear penetrating or insisting, insisting is exactly the way to go. Because if the person you are asking for something does not react out of will to help, at least this person will give you what you want, just for you to leave her alone ;) It's Jesus' idea (check out Luke 11:6-9). I am citing Jesus because he made it in life. See, when a trumpet player wants to be good, he might copy Miles Davis. it's because Miles made it, he succeeded. So I am talking about Jesus, because he is the only person I know who made it: the only human who I know rose againg from the dead. And many other things.

Of course if someone cannot help, it's another thing, or if you see that she closed her heart.

Do you see how a child insists on having something? It asks not only once. It even holds on to your trousers and asks, asks, eventually it even cries. Children teach us to ask. That's how we can ask the Source of our existence, the creator of Life. (If you think your parents are your source, then think that they also have a source until the first human being, who himself has a source...then you might arrive at the idea). If we insist like that and the Source does not give us, then surely because that thing might kill us.

ASK, 16.02.2021

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