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Solar Smash for PC: How to Play the Simulation Game with High-Definition Graphics and Customizable Controls

Solar Smash is a Simulation game developed by Paradyme Games. BlueStacks app player is the best platform to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience. Blow up a planet in this ultra-realistic, planet-smashing simulator for Android!

In this game mode, you can effectively wipe out the solar system. The default setting, indicated by a blue icon in the top right, lets you move the sun and planets like marbles. You simply tap on your desired celestial body, drag your finger in the direction you want it to go and release, sending planets on collision courses with each other or the sun.

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In this game, you smash the sun with a magical hammer. The sun can shoot fireballs at you and will occasionally spawn giant space dragons that also shoot fireballs at you. If the sun shoots a fireball that connects with your hammer, that's game over for you! Although it might seem like an easy game, that's not the case for me! I haven't yet beat level 10 on my own.

To progress in this game, you must destroy the sun. You accomplish that by smashing it with your hammer. The closer to the middle of the sun that your hammer lands, the more points you get and the more "health" you remove from the sun. If you land your hammer directly in the middle of the sun, then you get 1,000 points and take away ten "hearts" (see below). Otherwise, if your hammer lands somewhere else on the sun, then you get a lower amount of points and take away fewer "hearts".

Get ready to interact with the solar system on your pc; this game works smoothly with almost all famous android emulators. You will be fine with emulators like Bluestacks, LDPlayer, NoxPlayer, or MEmu.

Hope you can download Solar Smash on pc and enjoy it on your windows or mac devices. It is always fun to play mobile games like this one on our pc. So now get ready to explore our solar system through this game on your pc.

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In this article, we explained all the details about solar smash such as downloading, installing, and how to play Solar Smash on your PC. We hope that you would have liked the information and it will be useful to you.

Yes! Installing and playing solar smash is completely free. Some in-game items are locked behind the paywall. You can purchase those premium products for whatever amount you like; the game will not force you to do so.

A large-scale space simulation game called Solar Smash features numerous planets outside the solar system. In this game, you will obliterate the very location you call home. Speaking of which, I assume that many of you are aware of your purpose. Yes, gamers will discover a means to destroy the earth or at the very least render life on this planet impossible. Solar Smash has the resources to support you in achieving your objectives, despite your doubts. A small planet, lasers, or nuclear rockets are a few examples of weapons that are legal to deploy. Execute the attacks you believe will work.

You begin playing Solar Smash MOD APK in the solar system, which contains planets such as Earth, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and others. All of your weapons are loaded and prepared to shoot. The world will continue to burn up until every weapon has been used. must locate the ideal moment and place to use them in order to completely destroy the Earth.

Solar 2 makes a wonderful toy. It's relaxing to play with this vast, cosmic particle system, and to manipulate its simple rules to form your own galactic phenomena. My best solar system has three stars at its core, with ten planets orbiting them, each home to life. It's fun just to watch them move and teem with activity, and I've spent hours rolling up to neighbouring systems and watching the spiralling chaos as my planets' tiny ships do battle. And when I've had enough relaxation, I smash the suns together and send the planets hurling into space.

Whether you're performing a mission or just tootling around, the universe has a habit of randomly throwing things at you. Your stars and planets will be doing battle with a similarly sized, spinning solar system, and your monitor will be alive with explosions. And then aliens will warp in to join the battle. 7 is a good price for a universe.

Most of us hear about planets and study them a lot of times in our books. We just imagine going there and watching them because it is not so easy in real life. If you also want to see these planets in an original view and become the owner of them then solar smash mod apk is just for you.

It is a production of Paragym Games and today it is present on the google play store with more than 100M+ downloads. Solar smash game is famous due to its simple and eye-catching visualities and superb sounds. And it will teach you a lesson about how to destroy a planet. Now let us move down to know the interesting gameplay of solar smash secrets.

It is also famous for the name of planet smash because in this game you have to smash the other huge planet with special weapons and strategies. The game will offer you to use of heavy weapons like rocket launchers, missiles, nuclear bombs, and many more.

There will be a lot of planets, more than 100. And you will be the god of solar smash new update because you can select any planet to destroy. It all depends upon you what you will select. If you want to destroy a plant in a short time then you must have to choose a good weapon according to the size of the planet.

The graphics and visualities of the solar smash update will also attract you to the gameplay. When you destroy a planet in mod solar smash free then due to superb visualities it will look like a black hole. Now let us move down to get a full idea about the superb features of this game.

To give full detail about the all top features of solar smash secret planets we have decided to write these features below here. This detail will help you to know more about this game. In short by reading all these features you will start solar smash mod apk pc as a pro player.

Most of the simulation games offer just a few features like other trending games. But this solar smash cheats gives you a classy idea behind it that will help you to gain a lot of knowledge about destroying other planets. And this feature makes it more interesting than others.

And this thing will also give you an idea about how to use these weapons. For destroying a single part of a planet you can use nuclear missiles. Meanwhile, for watching burning destruction super-powerful lasers are perfect. And to vanish a planet in just a tap asteroid is the best among all solar smash secret weapons.

Basically, solar smash mod apk android 1 will offer you a god mode which means you can destroy any planet whenever you want. For rapid destruction, you just need to choose the best weapons according to planet volume. There will be more than 100 planets with different skins, shapes, colors and you can destroy anyone to earn more rewards and money.

The last and most appreciated work of the developer on this game is its superb 3D animation graphics. Even he is trying to indulge in more beautiful graphics in the solar smash 2 mod apk which is a piece of great news for all solar smash download pc lovers.

Today we are giving you a mod version of solar smash apk. In which you can enjoy all premium features for free. And all these features are mentioned below here with full detail. Before downloading this solar smash mod apk unlocked everything we will suggest you read all these features perfectly.

The main mod feature of solar smash mod apk unlimited everything is that it is totally ads free. In the original version, you will see a lot of ads after performing a few functions while in this mod version there is no chance of any ads. It means you can enjoy your gameplay without any disturbance.

When is the next solar smash update?This is the latest version of solar smash mod apk. Developers are trying to introduce a new version. When they develop we will automatically update our apk file.

If you are tired of ripping out one planet at a time, you can switch to mass destruction of the entire solar system. You can orchestrate inter-planetary collisions by modifying the courses of the planets so that their trajectories overlap and sooner or later they will smash and turn each other into a pile of dust. If you set the trajectories wrong, you can tap the reset icon and draw new orbits.

After downloading the game, there is no need to create an account, nor do you have to sign in with the Gmail account, just click on the app and simply start playing it. First, you have to select a planet from the menu, which is available in the exact left corner of the screen. Here you can select any planet in the solar system or the imaginary ones that we watch in the films, the most famous Alpha Centauri.

Here you can smash a planet as well as the solar system altogether. In the main menu of the game, as you can also see in the image here, there are two types of playing options, Planet Smash and System Smash.

Solar Smash MOD APK is a planet-destroying game with realistic visuals and a lot of interesting graphics. In this game, players have the full authority to select any plant, whether it is a part of our solar system or any imaginary one, and start throwing nukes at it. Also, it is the mod version of the game, so we provide you unlimited missiles cheat, and all ads have been blocked in it. So, download the latest version of this game and enjoy and best mod features.


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