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Monkey Behavior: The Social and Cognitive Skills of Monkeys

The disease mpox (formerly monkeypox) is caused by the monkeypox virus (commonly abbreviated as MPXV), an enveloped double-stranded DNA virus of the Orthopoxvirus genus in the Poxviridae family, which includes variola, cowpox, vaccinia and other viruses. The two genetic clades of the virus are clades I and II.

Monkey Do is a locally owned and operated indoor playground. We are mothers and fathers inspired to provide a better indoor play place for local kids to have fun and make memories. We invite you to join us on our monkey-themed adventures!


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However, the popularity of the photos, came at a price. In 2014, it triggered a dispute between Mr. Slater and Wikipedia when the online encyclopaedia uploaded the picture and tagged it as being in the public domain, reasoning that monkeys cannot own copyright.

Astoundingly, PETA appealed the dismissal, in the Court of Appeals of the 9th Circuit, and those following the case were treated to the spectacle of US Federal Court judges and lawyers making monkey jokes and discussing whether PETA had identified the right monkey.

Somewhat disappointingly, however, the drama was cut short as the parties reached a settlement out of court. While the exact terms of the settlement are unknown, lawyers for PETA have said that the deal includes a commitment from the photographer to pay 25 percent of all future royalty revenue to the monkey sanctuary where Naruto lives.

This would seem to be the end of the monkey selfie case, but in a recent interview Mr. Slater hinted that he is thinking of suing Wikipedia for copyright infringement. But where could this lawsuit take place?

Copyright law is strictly national in nature, but there is an international system in place that allows creators to protect their works in other jurisdictions. As a general principle, Article 5(1) of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works states that copyright in a work subsists wherever it originates, that is, in the country in which it was first published. In the monkey selfie case, the picture was taken in Indonesia, and first published in the UK through Caters News Agency, a picture and video licensing firm, which then granted permission for its publication in the British media.

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This case is directly relevant to the monkey selfie case. While Painer deals with portrait pictures, the court clearly lists the various actions that warrant originality, including the choice of angle, lenses and even techniques for developing the photograph.

While arguably not a commonly held view, there is in my opinion an extremely strong argument to be made regarding originality of the monkey selfie in the UK based on these and other cases. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Back in 2011, Naruto was just an anonymous macaque in the jungles of Indonesia. On one particular day, however, the photogenic primate happened upon a wildlife photographer's camera and snapped a "monkey selfie."

Whether the act was intentional or a quite-too-literal instance of monkeying around, only the grinning primate knows for certain. But it raised a complicated question: Who owns the images Naruto took, the monkey or the man?

As The Two-Way has noted, "The U.S. Copyright Office, since the dispute began, has specifically listed 'a photograph taken by a monkey' as an example of an item that cannot be copyrighted." (That also extends to artworks by elephants.) Similarly, Wikipedia's parent organization refused to remove Naruto's photo from its commons, citing the same reasons.

It bears repeating here that it was the monkey that pressed the shutter on Slater's camera, as the photographer was in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Since then, the selfie has become something of a personal brand for Slater, who sells signed copies of the print through his website. A notice on the site states: "As of July 2017, I will be donating 10% of your purchase towards a monkey conservation project in Sulawesi."

The power of the ocean and the quarry can be overwhelming on the tee of the eighth hole, so we suggest that before you become entranced by the vista, you swing away to this 196 yards par 3 that plays along the rim of the rock quarry. The green is bunkered short on both sides of the fairway approach and long right. The right side of the green should be favored with a mid to long iron. Be sure to catch a glimpse of the green monkey bunker on the sixteenth hole in the bottom of the quarry.

The green monkey bunker on the par 3 sixteenth is one of the many unique and beautiful features of this 226 yards downhill par 3. The golf course's namesake works in concert with the long right to left green nestled into the expansive quarry lake at the foot of the towering quarry walls. This unique hole in one of the grandest holes in all of golf.

This option offers the littlest of monkeys a chance to swing, zip and climb in the air a their own aerial adventure park. While their brothers and sisters enjoy the bigger course, 4-7 year olds can enjoy their own adventure, including lily hops, vine crossings, balance beams, and much more! Parents can either get geared up and join in the fun or simply walk alongside them as they take on 4 ziplines and 19 awesome aerial challenges. Parental Supervision required.

Bad Monkey Bar & Grill features breakfast, lunch and dinner and the best happy hour at the beach. We have over 40 craft beers in cans, bottles and draft. Grab a Bad Monkey t-shirt at our first floor gift shop. Find us on facebook or follow us on Instagram @badmonkeyoc

Let us analyze this one, too. The subordinate has the new job (by formal assignment) and the full responsibility (by formal delegation), but the manager has the next move. Until he makes it, he will have the monkey, and the subordinate will be immobilized.

What we have been driving at in this monkey-on-the-back analogy is that managers can transfer initiative back to their subordinates and keep it there. We have tried to highlight a truism as obvious as it is subtle: namely, before developing initiative in subordinates, the manager must see to it that they have the initiative. Once the manager takes it back, he will no longer have it and he can kiss his discretionary time good-bye. It will all revert to subordinate-imposed time.


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